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a Mini-Guide on updating selected software titles
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Steps to Update Software that doesn't require going through a formal Un-install first.

0. You may wish to create a "Restore Point" in Windows XP and newer before you
    do the update. 

1. Download the new version of one of the programs listed below
    being sure to save it in your download folder or somewhere you
    know you can find it.  Don't just rely on wherever the last thing
    was saved unless you see that it's where you want to save it.

2. After saving the new version of the program you'll need to make
    sure you close it if its running. WinPatrol, for example.. you'd
    right-click its system tray icon and choose exit.

3. Once you've made sure the program you're going to update is
    not running, find the new installer you downloaded in Step1 and
    double-click (or run) it.  You will be guided through the install
    and should leave the locations and other options the way they
    come up during the installation.  Usually it has located the previous
    version and is using its location again for the update.
    Note: Changing the locations or names will often cause a discord
              between old and new versions.. its a No No.

4. After the installer has finished you may be asked to restart your computer
    for the update to take effect.  Or, it may just finish.. or restart the program
    that was just updated.  At some point I do suggest restarting your system
    for good measure after updating anything in the system.  One dangerous
    behaviour I've noticed in the past is that someone will choose 'restart later'
    and then completely forget about restarting their computer until its caused
    a problem and they're in a situation where they can't afford to have it messed up.

Software which can be updated using the above process;
a. WinPatrol   b. WinAmp   c. SeaMonkey (to a degree)
d. Flash  e. Shockwave   f. Adobe Reader   g. Java